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Medical device and Health Care Support 

A wheelchair, a walker or even a cane can make a major difference in the quality of life of a handicap person, yet there are many who are not able to afford one while such devices rot away in some garages.  Baby dippers, baby-wipes are luxury items for some poor mothers while there are those who will be just too happy to share the extras they have collected as gifts from friends and families.

Health care professionals (retired or active) doctors, nurses, psychologist, Counsellors, Trained Trauma Therapist etc.  Any who are willing to make their expertise and services available to the needy to sustain a life or make a difference if the necessary links can be created between the givers and receivers of such valuable services.

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Communitywide Charities operate the following programs:

  • Operating via a donation and support program, provide Medical devices (Wheelchairs, Walkers, Cane etc.) to the disables
  • Collect and distribute dippers, baby-wipes to needy nursing mothers
  • Run a support program for coordinating, collecting and distributing baby food, baby-wear, strollers etc. to poor families
  • Provide forums and opportunities for health care professionals (active and retired) to provide pro bono services and consultations to patients who have no health insurance and are unable to afford the regular services.
  • Compile and disseminate nutrition and health information via social media, web, radio, journals and magazines targeting poor families and immigrants to educate on good health-care habits.
  • Provide counseling support through professionals (registered as Hope Provider Members) to, qualified underprivileged or poor individuals or families in dealing with emotional health or social issues or coping with grief.