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By November 22, 2018PROGRAMS

The Help-A-Neighbor program is a service to our Samaritan donors.

The program goal is to assist you to help your less-privileged poor neighbors. Our vision is based on the neighborly laws of doing acts of loving kindness to our neighbors by preventing them from becoming objects of hopelessness and poverty.

The Program will help you make restricted and deductible charitable-donation specifically to assist a poor neighbor who cannot afford to pay for educational, nutritional and healthcare expenses.

You donate the fund to Communitywide Charities and we use the money for your specific indicated purpose and to your designated person anywhere in the US and around the globe.

Below are some ideas to help your neighbor:

Provide forums and opportunities for Communitywide Support Volunteers to identify individuals and groups within the community requiring specific support that could make a difference

Sponsor a Neighbor- Program allows you to sponsor a needy kid to school, college or professional certification training in healthcare, Information Technology, providing funds and mentoring for an agreed duration.

Support fund raising activities of CSV (Communitywide Support Volunteer) for local and external project and program implementation.

Identify critical needs via Volunteers and connect needs to resources within or outside a community

Assist in publicizing specific issues identified by local CSV and source relief materials and funding through Hope Providers or via Web Contributions

Promote connections between individuals or groups with specific needs and Hope Providers who may want to donate directly to such person or groups.

Establish and operate Fund for Quick Response to critical needs

Arrange for pro bono services and consultations to individuals and groups that have been identified for specific needs.

Click on Make A Donation to assist your neighbors or call us directly at 617-649-6949 to discuss your donations.


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