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Medical Outreach & Support

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A wheelchair, a walker or even a cane can make a major difference in the quality of life of a handicap person, yet there are many who are not able to afford one while such devices rot away in some garages. Baby diapers, baby-wipes are luxury items for some poor mothers while there are those who will be just too happy to share the extras they have collected as gifts from friends and families.

Health care professionals (retired or active) doctors, nurses, psychologist, Counselors, Trained Trauma Therapist etc. Any who are willing to make their expertise and services available to the needy to sustain a life or make a difference if the necessary links can be created between the givers and receivers of such valuable services.

Communitywide Charities operate the following programs:

  • Operating via a donation and support program, provide Medical devices Wheelchairs, Walkers, Cane etc.) to the needy Collect and distribute dippers, baby-wipes to needy nursing mothers.
  • Run a support program for coordinating, collecting and distributing baby food, baby-wear, strollers etc. to poor families.
  • Provide forums and opportunities for health care professionals (active and retired) to provide pro bono services and consultations to patients who have no health insurance and are unable to afford the regular services.
  • Compile and disseminate nutrition and health information via social media, web, radio, journals and magazines targeting poor families and immigrants to educate on good health-care habits.
  • Provide counseling support through professionals (registered as Hope Provider Members) to, qualified underprivileged or poor individuals or families in dealing with emotional health or social issues or coping with grief.

Click on Make A Donation to assist your neighbors or call us directly at 617-649-6949 to discuss your donations.

Disaster Relief

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Tragedies and disasters often invite worldwide attention to the plight of the population in the affected area. Governmental agencies, international organizations, corporations and individuals rush in to provide help. Unfortunately, as soon as the immediate impact of the incident appears to dissipate media attention may recede and often the people are soon forgotten; left indefinitely to face life in their camps and makeshift dwellings etc. Communitywide Charities will seek to bridge such gaps.

  • Promote faster integration of displaced communities and individuals back to acceptable normal standards after recovery from disasters and ensuing trauma by endeavoring to provide training to survivors on how to harness available community resources for self-help project and programs.
  • Collaborate and liaise with international organizations and funding agencies in
    he design and delivery of skill development programs while displaced individuals or communities are in transition state after disasters.
  • Design, adapt, promote and implement remote learning schemes, utilizing technologies that will take learning to communities recovering from disaster.
  • Collaborate and liaise with local and international agencies to promote self-help building technology (utilizing locally sourced building materials and quick-build technology coupled with appropriate training) to ensure a quicker resettlement from camps and temporary shelters to more permanent homes.
  • Organize and implement transitioning training program in skill development and job search to assist immigrants in resettlement efforts.
  • Provide online remote skill development training to migrants while in transit, effectively utilizing the waiting period for building hope.

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Skill Focus Training

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Three of five high school leavers cannot afford the tuition for college and may end up in low paying occupation. There are thousands of vacancies in cybersecurity and other IT and health care related job that do not require a college degree. High school leavers (graduates) can be prepared and quickly trained via certification route to qualify for such high paying jobs.

Communitywide Hope Provider Associates have impressive records of mentoring and guiding young ones to take up these careers over the past years and within a short period many of the program participants are already in high paying jobs.

Develop and administer special training methodology and curriculum to incorporate a hybrid training delivery opportunity utilizing online media, simulation and hands-on sessions to fast-track skill development programs for participants located in remote locations.

Communitywide Skill Focus Training Program includes the following:

  • This program introduces selected 12th graders and career transition persons to cyber-security career.
  • Fast track intensive (6 to 9 months) utilizing a hybrid courses delivery system of free online media, simulation labs and handson sessions to fast-track skill development are offered to participants to prepare for certification and work environment.
  • Course offering include A+; Network+; Security+ and Security Analyst.
  • Participants are linked with Cyberprofessionals to serve as mentor to provide guide, assist with test prep and create network.
  • Internship opportunities are sourced for program participants for skill building and to enhance job placement prospect.
  • Course participants are selected from need-based disadvantage group or candidates sponsored through our Help-A-Neighbor.

Click on Make A Donation to assist your neighbors or call us directly at 617-649-6949 to discuss your donations.

Help a neighbor

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The Help-A-Neighbor program is a service to our Samaritan donors.

The program goal is to assist you to help your less-privileged poor neighbors. Our vision is based on the neighborly laws of doing acts of loving kindness to our neighbors by preventing them from becoming objects of hopelessness and poverty.

The Program will help you make restricted and deductible charitable-donation specifically to assist a poor neighbor who cannot afford to pay for educational, nutritional and healthcare expenses.

You donate the fund to Communitywide Charities and we use the money for your specific indicated purpose and to your designated person anywhere in the US and around the globe.

Below are some ideas to help your neighbor:

Provide forums and opportunities for Communitywide Support Volunteers to identify individuals and groups within the community requiring specific support that could make a difference

Sponsor a Neighbor- Program allows you to sponsor a needy kid to school, college or professional certification training in healthcare, Information Technology, providing funds and mentoring for an agreed duration.

Support fund raising activities of CSV (Communitywide Support Volunteer) for local and external project and program implementation.

Identify critical needs via Volunteers and connect needs to resources within or outside a community

Assist in publicizing specific issues identified by local CSV and source relief materials and funding through Hope Providers or via Web Contributions

Promote connections between individuals or groups with specific needs and Hope Providers who may want to donate directly to such person or groups.

Establish and operate Fund for Quick Response to critical needs

Arrange for pro bono services and consultations to individuals and groups that have been identified for specific needs.

Click on Make A Donation to assist your neighbors or call us directly at 617-649-6949 to discuss your donations.