Program Director

Comfort Muyide

Comfort is the Programs Director and founding Director of Communitywide Charities Incorporated on June 15, 2006. She is also a Director of Communitywide Grassroots Organization in Nigeria since January 2019 and Communitywide FoodBank, Lagos, Nigeria since August 2022.

She is one of the backbones for the funding of Communitywide Charities Inc and Communitywide FoodBank programs. She has demonstrated her commitment to funding Communitywide by her company - NextMargin Corporation donating thousands of Dollars in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. She pledges his continuous financial support for Communitywide Charities.

Comfort is a Professional Registered Nurse and successful Entrepreneur. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer of NextMargin Corporation, Fortcom Health Services based in Quincy, Massachusetts. She brings lots of experience in Product-Programs, Services development, and implementation, having created healthcare and non-profit programs.

Comfort currently manages multi-million dollars company with over 1,000 Staff and Caregivers as the COO of NextMargin Corporation: d/b/a: Fortcom Health Services. She has expertise in recruiting and hiring qualified employees using HR and Payroll Software to make on-boarding and off-boarding of employees stress-free, so that company can be in compliance with the IRS, HHS, OSHA, and governmental regulations. Prior to joining Fortcom, she has been a Director of Nursing in Healthcare fields for about 9 years, where she manages over 200 BEDs and Employees, before joining NextMargin Corporation in 2011.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in Nursing and a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts. Comfort is happily married with four adult children. She enjoys cooking, walking, sewing, and caring for young people and the underserved. She resides in Milton, Massachusetts.

Support Our Programs

Your donation is tax deductible to a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization. Communitywide donation policy ensures that 85% of your contributions are spent on Programs and only 15% on overheads related to supporting that program.