Chief Technology Officer

Olúkáyọ̀dé Walter Olúwọlé

Olúkáyọ̀dé Walter Olúwọlé is the Chief Technology Officer of Communitywide Charities Inc., a nonprofit organization that gives back to underserved communities. Olúkáyọ̀dé has extensive experience with information technologies, information security and operational technology. Olúkáyọ̀dé designed the online educational learning management system LMS that can handle 50,000 concurrent students, introducing a functional educational approach for remote work or quick turnaround for students to become consultants. Olúkáyọ̀dé introduced python fundamentals, Microsoft SQL fundamentals, smart application development (web and native) and artificial intelligence & machine language. Olúkáyọ̀dé also plans to complete deaf education fundamentals up to vocational jobs designed for the deaf community and families shortly.

As Managed IT Service Provider, Olúkáyọ̀dé, designs, builds, & maintains enterprise network infrastructure and risk management systems for a range of corporate clients. Olúkáyọ̀dé has extensive experience in Cybersecurity and Data Breach forensics. Olúkáyọ̀dé also conducts Cybersecurity Awareness training at corporate events or associations. In 2019, Olúkáyọ̀dé, in collaboration with other cyber security experts, designed and developed a software program for holistic Dark Web monitoring of corporate network infrastructure environment and Security threats to prevent malicious attacks. The product called CyberHygiene™ mitigates corporate Cyber risks by going offensive. Presently, Olúkáyọ̀dé is on the board of InfraGard, InfraGard Boston Member Alliance (IBMA). InfraGard is an FBI sponsored nonprofit organization that supports the mitigation of criminal and terrorist threats, risks, and losses for the purpose of protecting the region’s critical infrastructure and the American people. He is an alumnus of the FBI’s National Citizens Academy.

Language is a strong passion of Olúkáyọ̀dé, he co-invented a dual-shift keys multi-language computer and smart apps keyboard for accessing alphabets and diacritics from many languages on a single keyboard layout, which is now widely used by multi-lingual individuals in North America, South America, and Africa. Olúkáyọ̀dé also engages in fun projects like white box gamer/AI computer with GPUs running CUDA, Raspberry Pi and natural homemade Ginger & Pineapple/Beets juice, etc.

Olúkáyọ̀dé completed a postgraduate program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Language [AI/ML] from the University of Texas Austin. Olúkáyọ̀dé received his first degree in Mechanical Power Engineering (MPE-AS) from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.

Olúkáyọ̀dé is married with two adult children, he enjoys mentoring students of all ages and backgrounds, Tennis, cycling, riding his Motorcycle, & Photography.

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