Chief Executive Officer

Shola Muyide

Shola is the CEO and founding Director of Communitywide Charities Incorporated on June 15, 2006. He is also the CEO of Communitywide Grassroots Organization in Nigeria since January 2019 and Communitywide FoodBank, Lagos, Nigeria since August 2022.

He is one of the backbones for the funding of Communitywide Charities Inc and Communitywide FoodBank programs. He has demonstrated his commitment to funding Communitywide Charities by his company - NextMargin Corporation donating thousands of Dollars in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. He pledges his continuous financial support for Communitywide.

Shola currently manages multi-million dollars companies with over 1,200 Employees and Consultants. Shola is a successful entrepreneur and the current President & CEO of NextMargin Corporation with the following subsidiaries: Fortcom Health Services, Accountiviti Advisors Incorporated, Ayedara Incorporated, Next Properties Realty Trust based in Quincy, Massachusetts, and Ayedara Properties LLC based in Orlando, Florida. He brings more than 30 years of experience in Products & Services development. He is driven and strong in implementation of ideas-to-fruition to assist any company to achieve their mission and profitability.

Shola’s expertise in management accounting skills is behind his success. His ability to manage and oversees the entire accounting and financial department of many small businesses simultaneously, his savvy in financial statement preparation, regulatory reporting, management reporting, maintaining internal controls, financial software implementation, taxation, merger & acquisition, and consolidation.  He has consulted for various industries and successfully customized accounting software for Law Firms, Furniture Companies, Construction Companies, IT Companies, Non-Profit Organization, and general service companies.

Shola holds an MBA - Accounting Major. He is happily married with four adult children and enjoys reading, learning, walking, and cares so much about the youth and underserved people. He resides in Milton, Massachusetts.

Support Our Programs

Your donation is tax deductible to a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization. Communitywide donation policy ensures that 85% of your contributions are spent on Programs and only 15% on overheads related to supporting that program.