Covide-19 Disaster Relief

Please watch this Video to learn how to prevent your family from getting Covid-19.

Since early 2020, we have witnessed the whole world suffered from the biggest pandemic in a century. We have millions around the world died from Covid-19 and the millions are also suffering from Mental-Illness; especially young people who were kept out of schools and have to stay home. To address this serious mental problems, Communitywide Charities hosted a Webinar to address help people to understand and recognize systems of mental illness. To view and benefit from the Mental Health Webinar Click here.

Tragedies and disasters like Covid-19 pandemic often invite worldwide attention to the plight of the population in the affected area. Governmental agencies, international organizations, corporations and individuals rush in to provide help. Unfortunately, as soon as the immediate impact of the incident appears to dissipate media attention may recede and often the people are soon forgotten; left indefinitely to face life in their camps and makeshift dwellings etc.

Communitywide Charities will seek to bridge such gaps by embarking on the followings:

  • Promote faster integration of displaced communities and individuals back to acceptable normal standards after recovery from disasters and ensuing trauma by endeavoring to provide training to survivors on how to harness available community resources for self-help project and programs.
  • Collaborate and liaise with international organizations and funding agencies in
    he design and delivery of skill development programs while displaced individuals or communities are in transition state after disasters.
  • Design, adapt, promote and implement remote learning schemes, utilizing technologies that will take learning to communities recovering from disaster.
  • Collaborate and liaise with local and international agencies to promote self-help building technology (utilizing locally sourced building materials and quick-build technology coupled with appropriate training) to ensure a quicker resettlement from camps and temporary shelters to more permanent homes.
  • Organize and implement transitioning training program in skill development and job search to assist immigrants in resettlement efforts.
  • Provide online remote skill development training to migrants while in transit, effectively utilizing the waiting period for building hope.

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