IT Skill Focus Training

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Why IT Skill Focus Training? Simply put – three of five high school leavers cannot afford the tuition for college and may end up in low paying occupation. There are thousands of vacancies in cybersecurity and other IT and health care related job that do not require a college degree. High school leavers (graduates) can be prepared and quickly trained via certification route to qualify for such high paying jobs.

Communitywide Hope Provider Associates have impressive records of mentoring and guiding young ones to take up these careers over the past years and within a short period many of the program participants are already in high paying jobs.

Develop and administer special training methodology and curriculum to incorporate a hybrid training delivery opportunity utilizing online media, simulation and hands-on sessions to fast-track skill development programs for participants located in remote locations.

Communitywide Skill Focus Training Program includes the following:

  • This program introduces selected 12th graders and career transition persons to cyber-security career.
  • Fast track intensive (6 to 9 months) utilizing a hybrid courses delivery system of free online media, simulation labs and handson sessions to fast-track skill development are offered to participants to prepare for certification and work environment.
  • Course offering include A+; Network+; Security+ and Security Analyst.
  • Participants are linked with Cyber Security Professionals to serve as mentor to provide guide, assist with test prep and create network.
  • Internship opportunities are sourced for program participants for skill building and to enhance job placement prospect.
  • Course participants are selected from need-based disadvantage group or candidates sponsored through our Help-A-Neighbor.

To enroll and become a Student of our IT Training Programs, click here to submit an application.

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