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Our Mission

To search and harness resources and opportunities within and outside of a community to provide needed support, development aid, training and other assistance to the less privileged and needy in a community to ameliorate suffering, improve living standards and quality of life. 

Our Philosophy

At Communitywide, we seek to operate within communities locally, nationwide and internationally to bring relief and teach skills to support improved quality of life


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.


Our Story

On a trip to a developing country, while attending a function, I witnessed a young disabled man was assisted off a tour bus on to a chair and the event hall by four individuals.  At the conclusion of the event, four different volunteers unrelated to the man again spontaneously lifted up the chair and hand carried him to the tour bus.  On my way back to the U.S. I envisaged what a difference a wheelchair will make in the life of this disabled person, I quickly sent out email requests to few friends to source a wheelchair in good condition.  I was surprised at the speed at which a wheelchair was donated…

Our Story